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School Reopens on 9th June

Research oriented teaching:

It is done in the following stages:

  1. The prerequisites (basics and fundamentals of the topic)
  2. The concepts to be mastered
  3. The linked sub-topics

Stage - 2:

The teaching of the prerequisites, main concepts and the linked sub-topics is done from the prescribed text books with more illustrations and examples.

Stage - 3:

The objective of mastering the concepts is achieved by making the students to solve problems on each concept from level-1 to level-5 which include the questions from previous competitive exams and various other international reference books.

Stage - 4:

At the end of the topic, students are made to solve the cumulative assignments which consists of problems based on multiple concepts.

Teacher : Students ratio

According to the International Educational Experts, for the effective teaching, the Teacher–Student ratio should be 1:30.
At Srujana, our total school strength is 750 with maximum class strength of 30. And at any point of time there would be 3 teachers attending to students needs, which takes the teacher student ratio to 1 : 30. To top this all, our teachers students ratio of the entire school is 1 : 10.

Sub groups:

In every class, the students are divided into three sub groups namely S1, S2, S3 based on their performance in the series of tests conducted on fundamentals in the beginning of academic year. Each sub group is headed by the respective subject associate faculty who will microscopically cater the academic needs of the students by following the idea of step up and step down.

Srujana High School is one of the best education providers in Andhrapradesh from the pre-primary to 10th class, we have been successful in an uninterrupted and dedicated task of perfectly shaping worthy leaders of India as good doctors, good engineers, good human beings and professionally competent citizens. We feel, we have ignited in their minds a love for science, and through it, a sense of mission for achieving a developed state of Andhra Pradesh. We proudly accept that, ocean of parents dreams came into reality by our uncompromising education system and educational reforms which were taken up for the cause of educating young minds. Knowledge has many forms and it is available at many places. It is acquired through education, information, intelligence and experience. Knowledge is in suplus available in our academic institutions, with our best and experienced teacher. So, it is, established education with unlimited resources, evolving ingenious methods and outstanding teachin techniques for the aspirants. We have created and evolved the best environment for the creative young minds by inspiring them to achieve their goals. Our experienced faculty focuses on imparting invaluable knowledge through sharp and shortcut methods and inspires the student to put their maximum capbilities to complete the given task with dedication.